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Which juicer or blender should I purchase? Where can I find the cheapest produce, tools, and appliances? What other resources are available for information? What are the best books, media, and authors to follow to live the best life possible? Find out here. This section will be updated periodically to give the most current information on the best products, tools, and information. 

Eat to Radiate
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Part personal growth, part nutrition, and part cookbook with forty simple and clean recipes, Eat to Radiate will give you tools so that, whatever you desire, be it a beautiful body, a clear mind, inner peace, confidence, or anything else that you desire, will be yours. It helps you to break free from the suffering of emotional eating and repetitive weight gain and develop a joyous relationship with food. 

Reference Guides
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Are you trying to navigate new life changes? Are you struggling with emotional challenges, like bitterness, letting go, or shame? Do you have questions about acne, weight loss, balding, or how to adopt to a more active lifestyle? Here, you will find a wealth of useful reference guides. If you not able to find what you are looking for, submit a request for a reference guide!