A delicious summer smoothie recipe for strong digestion

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Save the Mangoes!

I love mangoes. 




A few weeks ago, Whole Foods had a huge sale on mangoes. I was buying a few every day, picking the ripest, squishiest, most fragrant ones. Each day, as they got riper, there were more to choose from! I was in heaven. Then one day I walked in to get my daily mango fix, and was horrified to find that Whole Foods had thrown them out. They were gone. Gone as in, nobody would even be able to go rummaging through the trash to find some to salvage. They were off to that place where the things disappear when we throw them out. 


This is my attempt to stage an intervention to ensure this kind of thing never happens again. As a society, we need to reevaluate our relationship with fruits. Old fruit is a good thing. Yes, I mean that borderline-rotten-looking fruit that smells sweeter than a newborn unicorn's dung. Because it's ripe. So buy up all the mangoes and make this smoothie often. Your body will thank you! 




Here's a recipe. Load up on this thing. It will be a boon in the bathroom, because we all know that summer barbecues leave you constipated. Simultaneously, let's make sure that no more delicious mangoes go to waste this season, or ever after.


In case you're not convinced, here are some benefits of this smoothie:  


  1. Mangoes prevent cancer, improve eyesight, alkalize the body, clear the skin, balance insulin levels, clean the colon, boost immunity, and help to regulate weight. (If these are not enough reasons to eat mangoes, I don't know what to say...) 
  2. Bananas help with mood maintenance, improve kidney health, boost workouts, and help to maintain cellular integrity. 
  3. Basil is full of essential oils that improve hair growth, improve skin health, balance hormones, neutralize free radicals, prevent radiative damage, protect the eyes from age-related macular degeneration, protect against and reverse inflammation, kill off parasites, and alkalize the blood. In addition, it has a good deal of insoluble fiber which helps to clean the digestive tract. 
  4. Mint aids digestion, protects against sun damage, heals inflammation, kills parasites, fights balding, and benefits the reproductive organs. 


Here goes: 


2 very ripe mangoes 

2 frozen ripe bananas 

1 handful basil 

6-8 mint leaves 

Water to blend 

Optional (only if you want to make this extra green): 2 kale leaves


Blend this up and enjoy! It's so simple and so delicious. 


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