How My Client Lost 10+ Pounds in 6 Days

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How My Client Lost 10+ Pounds in 6 Days

Happy Friday!

I recently returned from Colorado, where I was guiding several clients through a cleanse. I’m writing this post to share some fast tips on how to lose weight, as well as comment on the power of limiting beliefs.

One woman told me tearfully in our first session that she had tried everything to lose weight, but to no avail. At over 300 lb, nothing had ever worked for her. She believed that she was incapable of even approaching a healthy body. I gave her a day’s worth of my food and told her to weigh herself in the morning, eat the food throughout the day, and weigh herself the next morning.

To her astonishment, she lost over 4 pounds that first day. Within just two days, she dropped below 300 lb, for the first time in many years. Over the first six days, she lost over ten pounds. In short, nothing ever worked for her until she tried the strategy that actually worked.

My point is that most of the time, we create our own limitations and fail to recognize our own role in landing us in the situations in which we find ourselves. We create our realities to match our beliefs. If you find yourself unhappy in any area of your life, consider the following.


(1) Any situation has a perfectly good reason for being the way it is. For any problem in your life, write down exactly what you are doing to solve the problem, or that might be causing that problem in the first place.

For instance, if you find yourself unable to lose (or gain) weight, you might be eating very differently than you think (cognitive dissonance). If so, take a picture of everything you eat and drink for a week, then go back and evaluate your eating habits. You might be surprised!

If you are not making enough money through your job or business, look back at the last time you asked for a raise, or write down exactly what you have done in the last year to promote your business. This will generally tell you a lot. Actually do this!

(2) For almost every problem you have had, someone else has gone through that exact same situation (or worse!), found a solution, reversed the problem, and written about it. Never underestimate the power of reading.

(3) Many of the solutions you try will not work. That’s never the problem. The problem is when you take that failure to mean that you are unable to fix your situation, or that nothing works. If you can reduce the amount of time you spend feeling sorry for yourself or beating yourself up, you will quickly refocus on finding a solution, and you will experience massive, quick wins in your life. I think this is the biggest lesson I’ve ever learned.


So, you might be asking how to lose so much weight so quickly. Here are some very effective tips.


(1) Fiber is your friend. Weight loss begins with pooping. Basic math tells us that our body size should relate, in some way, to intake – output. A very easy way to get to a healthy weight is to start your day with a green smoothie that combines both soluble and insoluble fiber from fruits (even low-sugar fruits) and greens. This smoothie one is my favorite.

(2) Along the same lines, salads that combine greens with fruits (like tomatoes and bell peppers) will facilitate amazing bowel movements. I also recommend apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar dressings because acetic acid (in vinegars) has been shown to upregulate the genes involved in fat metabolism.

(3) Ginger and hot peppers dissolve mucous and boost metabolism, so juice them. This is invaluable for fat metabolism. If you want some good juice recipes, you can check out my book, Eat to Radiate.

(4) Many people use food to self-soothe. Whenever you find yourself overeating or bingeing, pay attention to how you are feeling, ask yourself why you feel that way, decide what would make you feel better, and work on addressing those feelings. If you can develop this habit, you will achieve long-term weight maintenance.

I will be posting recipes from the cleanse, so stay tuned. And if you would like some help along your journey, feel free to hit me up at

Much love!

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