An Extraordinary Body

Have flawless skin, glowing hair, and the sleekest body you have ever experienced. Reverse eczema, acne, psoriasis, hair loss, and other painful conditions. Lose weight when nothing else has worked. Have more energy and strength than you've ever had in your life. Enjoy the vibrance your body is capable of and let its energy light up your life. 

If you struggle with compulsive eating, bingeing, or a strained relationship with food and body image, you will find unlimited support here to heal the underlying issues and help you find and achieve what you actually want. 


Extraordinary Psychology

At the core of a happy life is powerful psychology. The quality of your life is equal to the quality of your emotions. Here, you will find strategies to keep you feeling positive, empowered, and centered. You will be able to meet the challenges that life throws at you with enthusiasm and clarity. 

You will be nourished on a soul-level through a variety of approaches. Vibrant, quality foods will create the healthiest possible brain and body chemistry for you, and physical, mental, and emotional strengthening practices will help you to cultivate your most empowered mind. 

Your Best Life

You will be given tools and insights to realize your deepest desires. Using them as a guide, you will create the life that you want. Here, you will find comfort and guidance to help you through your life's most difficult challenges. Ultimately, the mission of this brand is to make your journey on Earth one that will exhilarate you, challenge you, push your limits, and ultimately fulfill you in ways you cannot imagine. 

Here, you are always in good company. We are all evolving. You can share your stories, get support, and support the community in return. 

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About Sulinya

A multi-passionate humanitarian, Sulinya's mission is to help people to achieve happiness and eliminate self-inflicted suffering from their lives. As a three-time graduate of MIT in physics and engineering, her approach to wellness is balanced, rooted both in science and heart-based wisdom. Sulinya incorporates her own insights with timeless wisdom in her teachings to help ease the burdens of modern life. 

Sulinya recognizes that food is of primary importance in achieving and maintaining a superb level of mental and physical health. She is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, where she has studied nutrition as well as Fundamental and Advanced Raw Cuisine. She uses this training, along with exhaustive personal research, to tailor her guidance. You can read about her own journey with food in her book, Eat to Radiate.