How to Age Like a Champ

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I’m writing this post because today, I’m three-quarters through my twenties (27.5)! So I felt it would be appropriate to write a post on getting older.   Two years ago, it dawned on me that aging is not a unique feature of old people, and I spent much of the following year feeling terrified of […]

The 2015 Guide to Juice Pranks

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This post has no emotionally nutritive value whatsoever. There is no wisdom here. But in case you’re late on April Fool’s Day preparation, I’ve got you covered. Happy April Fool’s.       The 2015 Diabolical Juice of the Year   Unlike the socially acceptable recipes I give to other people, the juices that I […]

How to Manage Irrationality

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In this blog post, I won’t be talking about how to deal with annoying people. That will be the subject of several other posts. Here, I will be talking about the things that we commonly do to ourselves against all common sense that make our lives worse. In particular, I am referring to our thought […]