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The main factors you should consider when you are selecting a blender are power, motor life, heat, and cost. Some other factors to consider are jar size, ease of cleaning, and smoothness of blending. My experience has been that the costlier blenders tend to last longer and also tend to have better warranties. In addition, they can provide a level of smoothness that less expensive blenders do not. Still, there are many high-quality, affordable blenders. 



These blenders are best for heavy use and for fine culinary preparation. They are more expensive, but they can be purchased second-hand or refurbished at a greatly reduced price. I have had the good fortune of owning both a Vitamix and a Blendtec, and so I have seen a few differences. You might want to consider getting more than one blender jar so that you can make a greater variety of food at a time.  

  1. Vitamix blenders are generally the most rugged and can withstand heavy blending loads consistently without burning out. While they do create heat, it is easy to ensure that your raw creations do not overheat, and that any probiotics that you add to your blends stay alive and active. These blenders are also capable of creating the finest consistencies out of nuts and other hard foods. Most blenders come with a dial to set the blender's speed, as well as a high-power switch. This blender is a good choice for an all-purpose domestic blender, though there are both smaller and higher power models to meet your needs. Vitamix blenders have excellent warranties and great service. 
  2. Blendtec blenders are similarly high-powered and tend to be more affordable. They have a variety of jar types to meet your needs, including two smaller jars with twist lids for making nut butters. The smooth walls are slightly easier to clean. These blenders have electronic displays with pre-programmed settings for blending different types of foods. Blendtec also has excellent warranties and customer service. This model is a great domestic blender. 



  1. Ninja blenders are excellent-quality, affordable high-powered blenders that will meet the needs of any smoothie addict. This model is popular and highly rated. 
  2. Dash blenders are versatile, attractive, and come in fun colors. I owned this model for over a year, and it served my needs as a budding raw chef taking Level I of culinary school. While the blending consistency when making more difficult blends (such as nut butters) is not quite as fine as a high-end blender, it is more than adequate for most purposes. Look around on different sites as I have found much better deals on the same model. 



While you will most likely want a better blender eventually, these models work well. 

  1. Oster has a number of low-cost blenders that are suitable for smoothie making. This blender is very inexpensive, and this is costlier but more effective. 
  2. Hamilton Beach has a number of effective, low-cost blenders, such as this model. 



  1. The Nutribullet is a portable and powerful blender that is powerful enough to use as a domestic blender for most purposes, but easy to take on the go.