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It's worth investing in high quality knives. Still, there are many budget-friendly options. Be sure to have knives that are suitable for different textures, including a cleaver for foods like coconuts and cabbages. 


Knife Sets


  1. If you can afford them, it is worth investing in a set of Shun knives. I own this set, which you can often find in department stores and get substantial discounts during sale seasons. These fine knives will last you the rest of your life. 
  2. Ceramic knives are sharp and maintain their sharpness. This set is a good option by Imori
  3. A good, inexpensive option for knives is this set by Cuisinart, which features sharp blades and a variety of sizes and shapes. 




You will need a cleaver to open coconuts. They are also useful on melons, cabbages, broccoli, and other produce. Most cleavers will ultimately do the job on any produce. However, a sharp cleaver can save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration. Below are two high-quality options. If these are out of your budget, feel free to purchase a less expensive cleaver. The most important thing is that you have one. 


  1. This is a highly-rated mid-range cleaver by Dexter-Russell that will easily cut through coconuts and harder, large produce. If a cleaver is a priority for you, I would recommend this option. 
  2. Here is an expensive but top-of-the-line cleaver by Shun. Unless you are very serious about food preparation or you have great affordability, I would recommend a less costly option. However, cleavers do not get better than this!