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Shower Filters


Getting a shower filter will improve your skin health and hair quality tremendously. Check your city's water quality report for which contaminants are highest. For instance, the 2012 Chandler, AZ water report showed elevated levels of arsenic, slightly beyond the level deemed acceptable by the EPA. You can check this by searching "(your town) water quality report". Some common contaminants are chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, and sulfur. In addition, pesticide runoffmedications (from urine), and pathogens (particularly molds) can serious pose health problems. 


The best choice for you depends on where you live and your convenience level. For instance, newer homes or apartments might be built in such a way that a heavy shower head could end up ripping your spout out of the wall! Here are my picks. 



  1. A great lightweight choice for overall filtration is the Culligan WSH-C125 shower head. It is effective at removing chlorine (one of the major water contaminants) and other hard water residues. I used this in my apartment for two years and noticed an immediate difference in my skin and hair once I switched to it. You can also order filters on Amazon Subscribe and Save.
  2. I have not personally used this filter, but it is a newer model with a high rating that is effective for removing a wide array of heavy metals, including arsenic. 



  1. Zeolite filters are best suited for removing arsenic. Different areas have different arsenic levels in their waters, so it's a good idea to check your local water reports to see if your levels are elevated. They tend to be heavier but they are more effective than the options listed above. The Berkeley shower filter is a good option.


Best Filtration

  1. The best option is to have a reverse osmosis (RO) or water ionizer system installed in your home coupled with a chlorine shower filter, though this is not possible for everyone. RO has the capacity to remove viruses, bacteria, and many heavy metals. However, it does not remove chlorine and pesticides, so a small filter head will be necessary. But this will give you excellent filtration. A water ionizer system, like Kangen, will give you the best filtration overall, as it removes pesticides and chlorine as well. An RO or water ionizer system for the home can be costly, but it is best to discuss these options with vendors directly and see what matches your specifications.